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About Us

Since the very beginning of this band in early 2015, we've been designing our own merchandise. From stickers and digital posters to advertise shows we were playing, the product range quickly expanded to shirts, records, caps, bags, bottles and many more. 

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It usually always starts with little hand-drawn sketches, that sometimes even already make the final artwork. If necessary, the designs are further edited and adjusted digitally. We love to play around with different techniques and styles, just like we do with our music :) 

We try to keep the production of our merchandise as sustainable as possible, for example by working with local manufacturers like WeiterWeiter, Soulbottles, Caritas or the Twentyseven Company in Stuttgart. For textiles, we also always try to choose fair traded, and CO2 reduced products. Since this is not possible for every single item we sell (yet), we let you know the exact specs in the respective product descriptions.


As we already wrote on the starting page, we run this whole shop on our own (and still ship everything from our bedroom!). Since we also try to make some music in between, some processes may take a little longer than you might be used to with "professional" companies. But you can make sure that in return we'll handle your orders with twice the love :)


Rikas <3

Chris, Ferdi, Sam & Sascha

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